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Designing Your ASG

Time to do a quality check on your selected art

Now that you’ve selected a piece of art to work with, we need to check the image and make sure it's got high enough resolution to be applied to the ASG of your choice. Journey with us into the world of design and learn how to put together the ultimate 6 stringed jam-machine!



Please, allow us to break it down when it comes to image quality.

DPI is the measurement that represents the amount of pixels per inch...or Dots Per Inch. Whereas 150 DPI used to be the the average image quality, 300 DPI is now the standard in the industry for a reliably clear image.

Example A is showing how much of the original image will provide when converted to 300 DPI. Essentially, the image only has around 300 pixels per inch; it's at its maximum size and cannot be used for our template without looking pixelated or foggy.

Imagine trying to stretch a piece of gum over an entire VW Beetle...we know it won't work because there simply isn't enough matter to work with!

Example B is a perfect example of an image that's ready to be resized for our template. It's already got a mess of pixels to work with, so when we re-size it, its clarity remains and every detail is crisp and grotesque as the next.





Here's a close up of what it'd look like when using Example A and Example B on the template.

Yes, we shuddered at 'A' as well.
 It looks as though you forgot to put on your glasses, right?  That's because it is being stretched beyond it's limits on the canvas it's being applied to.

'B', on the other hand, is nice and sharp, so remember...unless you're going for that circa 1990's pixelated video game look, always get the largest version of your desired image to use for your ASG Creation.

Thanks for joining us for the second installment of ASG Design Lessons. Go forth and Create!

Class dismissed! 

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