50 Shades of BLACK

Anyone can own a plain black guitar.

Why not have a shade you can appreciate?

We see too many guitars that are just BLACK. There's nothing wrong with craving the darkness, but what if you want a hazy gray or a charred parchment black? Or how about a smoky gray, anthracite black, carbon gray, or michelin black?

There are numerous values for all shades of black or gray that you can think of...and no ladies, we're not thinking of your favorite book.

If you've narrowed it down to a specific HTML code for your shade, tell us! We can have it done for you in your design! Check out 
this site for your color code!

Let's build the dark beast you wish to wail on.
Do you have a design that you're ready to throw down on an ASG? We've got our templates for all three models available and they're ready to download for your convenience 24/7 on our website, ArtistSeriesGuitar.com.

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