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Designing Your ASG CORE

Support the Artist! We oppose plagiarism.

When you're designing your one-of-a-kind ASG Core, you don't have to result to the plain ol' Google Search for inspiration...we've got the answer that'll wield the sweetest looking art on your ASG! We've all been there, searching for that new wallpaper for our computers or smartphones...locate, save, and apply. Unfortunately, we can't say that it's all that simple for an ultra-crisp, amazing finish on your soon to be pride and joy.

Luckily, we've put our noggins together to provide you with a few different ways to achieve the finish you've always dreamed of!


Option 1: Royalty Free & Free Stock Images

Okay, so you don't want to part with too much cash, if at all, right? We get trees went extinct a long time ago anyways. There's truckloads of websites out there that have both Royalty Free images at low cost to consumers and if you search for them, you may even find some real sweet freebies! Some artwork is free for commercial use, so look out for the fine could help you!

With these images and the help of some photo editing software like Photoshop, you'll be able to create a high definition masterpiece. Just pay mind to the restrictions (if any) associated with the image you're looking at before using it.

Here's a sweet list provided by to get you started on your hunt for the best suited images to help paint the picture in your head.

Option 2: Direct Artist Contact

Artists can be particular to where they lend their art to and how it'll be used, but most of the time we've found that artists are cool with having their art used for an artform all by itself like an electric guitar! After all, you'll be inspired by their artwork every time you pick up your axe! 

Most artists have a full and functioning webpage and they'll usually include a description of how they prefer their art be used and if they require any type of compensation. If for any reason they'd like any sort of royalty payment, we'll be glad to talk to them and include the payment into your order so you know that you're getting an Official ASG that's been authorized for production by your beloved artist of choice.

Option 3: Original Content by ASG's Graphic Arts Team!

Of course, if your taste is so zany, so demented,  so mad as a March hare, and you can't source anything that looks quite right for the dreamscape you're looking to affix to your custom ASG, don't'll be able to do that once the guitar's finished! Sorry, we had to make the joke.

Seriously though, we've got an AMAZING graphic arts team and they've put together some absolutely jaw-dropping designs for our ASG Family in the past. Their ability to compose custom artwork is top-class and their specialty is to listen to your inspirations and ideas to bring them to life.

Our Graphic Arts team is overseen by, Lead Artist, Justin Hall (seen above on the right). Justin has since earned his Bachelor's of Fine Arts at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and while he keeps busy on his freelance work, he continues to be the creative mastermind behind ASG in multiple aspects. His work is available for viewing here:

We praise his glory regularly.

The guitar design above on the left is a perfect example of the ability of the ASG Graphic Arts team. This design was put together from the ground up to look like a piece of an experienced WWII fighter plane. The idea was brought to us by an ASG Family member and after working closely with him for a few months and allowing for fine tuned adjustments, we had an instant classic staring back at us.

Now, the only question is, what will you create with your ASG?

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