Blemish Case Special!


We know what it's like as guitarists to be on the lookout for a really sweet deal to justify the indulgence of our guitar-acquiring addiction. Now that we've entered tax season, we know you've got a hole burning in that pocket of yours and the only figurative fire hose responsible for putting that fire out is here!

We've got a number of very slightly blemished cases in our warehouse (like the one in the picture) and we've gotta clean 'em out! In greater detail, the cases may have a small indentation on the face, or perhaps a portion of the ASG Logo faded. After all, vintage goods are in style.

Basically, our loss is your gain, so with every purchase of an ASG Core Nocturne (Featured Artist Series or Design Your Own) we'll be slashing the price of the case from $139 to just $60 bucks!!

If you'd like details or have any questions, please email our lovely Sales Associate, Rebecca Klika at!

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