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Fine Tuning Your Design

When you hear the word, 'Bleed', it's a bit intimidating, isn't it? Don't be afraid, Bleed can be your friend, especially when preparing your design for your brand new ASG! This is a quick-guide of how to correctly lay down your artwork on one of our templates without losing any of its key elements in the process! For this series, we'll be featuring one of our very favorite designs for the iconic heavy metal band Shadows Fall

Alright, now that we've all had our coffee and warmed up our seats in the classroom, let's get started. We've all seen this template, right? If not, no worries, let's get you all caught up! 

We're showing you exactly where the hardware will be placed on your Nocturne by the outlines you're seeing on the body of the guitar. Those two outlines on the outside are showing where the body ends and where your artwork should end. The 'TRIM' line is showing where the edge of the guitar is and where we'll be trimming your artwork to lay it down for the ASG Chemical Bonding Process.

The ' BLEED' line is showing where your artwork should be ending and anything between the BLEED line and the TRIM line will be omitted from your guitar. So, if there's anything important you want in there, make sure it's within the TRIM line! By having the these two lines present, it allows us to fit your image in the best way possible for presentation and makes it a heck of a lot easier for our guys applying it to your guitar. If you've ever tried to apply a layer that's cut exactly to the size of the surface you're applying it to and ended up getting it crooked, you know what I'm talking about.

Use the BLEED section! 
Alright, this looks good, but notice how the artwork is only on the inside of the trim line?


Solution: This is what we're going for. This will allow is to adjust the image for the best fit.

Here's a bit of a closer view of the first example. The image is just big enough to fit on the guitar.

Now, the art is filling out the entire template...looking good!  By using that BLEED section, we can get the cleanest lines possible on your ASG when we're ready to re-create your art and get it fitted.


This is what COULD happen by not providing enough art on your template! Each little red arrow is showing where some of the art is missing after adjusting and trimming.


This is exactly what we love to see! With a little time and attention, your art is framed and encapsulated perfectly in the coolest of art ASG!

Thanks for tuning in once again and happy creating!

If you're a fan of Shadows Fall and you just have to have this guitar, check it out on our Shadows Fall page!

If you have any questions that you'd like to ask our art team about on how to design your own ASG, send your questions to and she'll be glad to get some answers for you!

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