New York Hardcore Has Never Looked Heavier

















The Ultimate New York Hardcore Collection is here

We gotcha heavy music over here.

We are proud to present the brand new New York Hardcore Collection, featuring: Agnostic Front, Biohazard, and Sick Of It All! They've all jumped in on contributing some amazing artwork to be forever encapsulated on the all new ASG Recoil! Each band, hailing from different boroughs of New York City, were responsible for the New York Hardcore scene that formed in the mid to late 80's. They've stomped their way in music history by carving out their signature sound and now we've harnessed that speed and aggression for you to unleash on your own.

Stay tuned for pre-order information as these guitars are gunna sell faster than a hot pizza pie on Mulberry Street. 

If you would like to join the Reserve List for any one of these guitars, email us NOW at!



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