Designs Gone By...

Let's Time Travel, Shall We?

We're going to dive head first into just a handful of designs that we put together with our DIY'ers last year and show you what some amazing people did with their templates! So, let's hop into that time machine and check it out!



Top: This bird flies alone. We proudly put together an ASG Nocturne for the kind humans over at Affliction Clothing...damn, did it come out sharp.
2nd Row Left: The Stripe Special! A rendition of the famed stripe design.
2nd Row Right: For the ultimate hunting fanatic...this weapon helps you land the target by way of a sonic attack!
3rd Row Left: This was a design presented to us by artist, Kid Creature for Pipeline For A Cure, a foundation created to aid in finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.
3rd Row Right: A sweet satin ASG Nocturne done for our friend, Michael DeLorenzo of New York Hardcore band, Sheer Terror.



Top: Joey showing off the 'Bride Of Frankenstein' ASG Nocturne we brought to life.
2nd Row Left: Joey giving us a look of disdain with a guitar we did for an ASG Family member who had this made for Barry Stock (Three Days Grace) and his clothing line MEAN Clothing.
2nd Row Right: Showing off the other side of that MEAN guitar and one of the first graphics applied to the back of a guitar! 'Scuse the expletives.
3rd Row Left: ASG Nocturne in a striking red and bearing the ASG Family member's surname.
3rd Row Right: The Holy ASG! Came out fantastic!




Top: A quick shot of a guitar done for the Skate Punk band 'The Faction'! Turned out absolutely amazing.
2nd Row Left: One killer ASG Nocturne for an ASG Family Member's Tattoo shop, "Loco Tattoos".
2nd Row Right: 'Oh say can you see? It's the shredders delight!' With 24 frets and one truly awesomely patriotic piece of art...we salute to this guitar!
3rd Row Left: ASG Nocturne featuring artwork by a customer of the US Navy's Blue Angels performance Jet team. 
3rd Row Right: A remarkably stunning guitar put together for an ASG Family member whose fondness of WWII aircrafts translated beautifully on the ASG Recoil.


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