Our Mission - A Driving Force

You know that transcendent feeling you get when your favorite band hits the stage and four clicks into their first song you are hit with an undeniable, visceral sensation that propels you to move faster than ever? It’s what causes you to climb over your friends, using every ounce of spirit, to crowd-surf over a sea of heads just to reach for the mic. It’s excitement, it’s fervor, it’s pure love for the music. It’s just that type of passion that fueled the creation of ASG.

We’re a small company, a select team of peers, where the mic is ours to share. The song is loud, fast and strong, and the song is ours. We built ASG from the ground up with one purpose in mind, not just to grow a business, but to foster a new chorus of musicians inspired by the best guitarists from across Hardcore, Thrash, Metal and Punk. To rouse impassioned fans to wrap their hands around new guitars and drive the musical passion that unites us—that’s what we believe in.

In four years, we have continued our pursuit of bringing a guitar company to life with more than mass production in mind. We strive to create individual guitars that inspire, giving each instrument detailed attention from craftsmen in our Fullerton workshop. We’re creating a unique line of guitars with each new axe progressing what we know and love.

Since our inception in 2010 we have been busy. We cultivated an artist roster of dozens of bands. We developed an entirely unique and exclusive manufacturing and finishing process unduplicated by any other company. We developed and launched a program that allows all the most amazing artists and bands, many of which have yet to be seen, to create their own ASG. The many steps we have taken over the course of four years have allowed us to claim our place in the guitar world, but our mission and purpose as members of an unbelievable scene stand as immutable elements of our origin and our potential.

In our eyes the future is clear. Our mission is to put an incredible, limited edition, collectable guitar in your hands. As we succeed, we most certainly will be partly responsible for the creation of new musicians, bands and artists that help influence our world and our culture. When we put a guitar in your hands, and you’re inspired to play every day and every night, you will become the next great guitarist of our time. And if you design your own ASG, with artwork that you penned yourself, then we could be responsible for creating a piece of art that goes on to garner historical acclaim.

This is our plan, our mission, our purpose. We will work tirelessly to grow an army of artists with guitars. One day the ASG army will change the world!

The ASG Core Manifesto:

Music is intensely personal. It has the capacity to spark something ineffable deep within, touching the very core of creative essence. Just like we all see the world through our own eyes, we all experience music a little differently, some of us very differently. From the earliest tribal drummers to the troubadours of old, the look of the musical instrument was closely connected to the performer and the music itself. But over time things have changed and now the creation of musical instruments is largely a corporate affair, with every detail approved in an ivory tower and stamped out on an assembly line. What we’ve gained in mass-production efficiency, we’ve lost in character. The result is often homogenous and bland. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The central figure in your life story is you. You have agency to channel your energy and creativity to construct your own narrative. If the one-size-fits-all mentality doesn’t fit your choice vehicle for self-expression—your guitar—you can showcase your individuality with any design you can imagine. It’s your statement, your image, your manifesto, and whether you hang it on the wall of your man-cave or rock it under the stage lights, it’s all about you. With ASG Core, you design it yourself, and we render it professionally, right here in Fullerton. From your mind to our craftsmen, manifest imagination, move from vision to reality and write your own story. You’re the protagonist—show your core.