Mötley Crüe Collection


Sometimes things are so good that once just isn’t enough. That’s certainly the case for Artists Series Guitar and famous badboy rockers Mötley Crüe, who are collaborating to produce not one, but two remarkable electric guitars to celebrate the band’s Final Tour. All the unforgettable riffage, savage intensity and epic performances shine through in the look and feel of these limited-edition instruments. Both axes evoke the energy, power and attitude of two amazing albums, Girls, Girls, Girls and Dr. Feelgood, produced to worldwide acclaim during the apex of Mötley Crüe’s stardom.

When Mötley Crüe released Girls, Girls, Girls in the spring of 1987 they were already one of the most notorious acts in rock and roll, leading a rebellious generation to new heights of grandeur and debauchery. Nowhere was their pugnaciously puerile attitude and lifestyle of reckless abandon more apparent than in this follow-up to their smash hit album Theatre of Pain. Decades later, this audacious disc practically defines the sound and look of 1980s MTV metal. Fittingly, the guitar features the famous cover photograph by Barry Levine on the face of the instrument, along with the lipstick-on-the-mirror logo by Christopher Polentz. Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil rock the look of hedonistic badboy degeneracy with big hair and bigger motorcycles.

But once is never enough. Released in late summer 1989, Dr. Feelgood was a runaway hit, going sextuple platinum in the USA and breaking sales records for the band abroad. Now a new electric guitar from Artist Series Guitar celebrates the storied Mötley Crüe album that serves as a musical cynosure for all the glory and excess of the late 1980s. While the disc featured some of the band’s most ebullient hits including Kickstart my Heart, Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away). The centerpiece of the album cover and this instrument is artist Don Brautigam’s devilish take on the snake of Hygieia, now coiled around a skull-topped sword, bat wings extended threateningly against a backdrop of chipped green bathroom tiles.

These axes rock, and it’s not just the epic images on the top, it’s pure ASG quality construction, from the guitars’ solid mahogany or basswood bodies, rosewood fingerboards, mother of pearl trapezoid inlays, Gravedigger headstocks, custom ASG Arsenal pickups and chrome ASG headstock emblems. They’re bound throughout, and the adapted album cover art is affixed to each body using ASG's exclusive chemical bonding process. Only 50 of each of these two exclusive electric guitars will be produced, each finished by master craftsmen in our Fullerton shop and shipped with a certificate of authenticity; reserve yours today before they sell out! All bad things must come to an end, even for the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band, now embarking on their final tour. And if once just isn’t enough for you either, this is your chance to get your name on the list for both.

Set Neck
Fingerboard Radius
ASG Arsenals 
Black Gloss
Nut Width
22 - Modern Jumbo
Hardware Color
Bridge Type
ASG TOM Bridge and Tailpiece
Electronics Layout
Guitars Made 50

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