Less Than Jake!

Less than jake songs:

Following are the albums of less than jake:

1- Greased

It was published in 1996

Label: unknown


It was published in 1997 

  Label: Liquid Meat

3-All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

It was published in 2000

  Label: Golf

4-Gainsville Rock City [CD/12″]

It was published in 2001

  Label: Golf

5-She’s Going To Break Soon [UK CD]

It was published in 2003

  Label: WEA International

6-Science of Selling Yourself

It was published in 2003 

  Label: Warner Bros

7-Absolution For Idiots And Addicts

It was published in 2006

  Label: Sire

8-Only Human

It was published in 2006

  Label: Warner Bros

9-Overrated Everything Is

It was published in 2006

  Label: Sire/Warner Bros

10-Overrated Everything Is [CD #1]

It was published in 2006

  Label: WEA

11-The Rest of My Life

It was published in 2006

  Label: WEA

12-P.s shock the world pt.2

It was published in 2006

  Label: WEA

13-P.s shock the world pt.3

It was published in 2006

  Label: Warner Bros


It was published in 2010

  Label: Sleep It Off

15-Greetings From Less Than Jake

It was published in 2011

  Label: Sleep It Off

16-Season’s Greetings From Less Than Jake

It was published in 2012

  Label: Sleep It Off

17-Sound The Alarm

It was published in 2017

   Label: Pure Noise

Less Than Jake Albums


It was published in 1995

  Label: Asian Man Records

2-Loser’s Kings And Things We Don’t Understand

It was published in 1995

3-Losing Street

It was published in 1996

  Label: Capitol/Emi Records

4-Hello Rockview:

It was published in 1998

  Label: Capitol/Emi Records

5-Live From Uranus

It was published in 1999

  Label: Capitol


It was published in 1999

  Label: Very Small Records

7-Borders And Boundaries

It was published in 2000

  Label: Fat Wreck Chords

8-Reaching For The Other Shore

It was published in 2002

  Label: Golf


It was published in 2003

  Label: Sire

10-In With The Out Crowd

It was published in 2006

  Label: Sire


It was published in 2008

  Label: Sleep it Off

12-See the light: It was published in 2013

  Label: Fat wreck chords

13-Silver Linings

It was published in 2020

  Label: pure noise

Less Than Jake Members

Current members
  • Chris DeMakes – Guitar, Vocals (1992–present)
  • Roger Lima – Bass, Guitar, Vocals (1993–present)
  • Buddy “Goldfinger” Schaub – Trombone, Bass (1993–present)
  • Peter “JR” Wasilewski – Tenor Saxophone, Backing Vocals (2000–present)
  • Matt Yonker – Drums (2018–present)
Former members
  • Vinnie Fiorello – Drums (1992–2018) 
    Reason For Leaving

He wrote, “As the balance of life versus touring life collides, I’ve decided to step away from the touring side of the band

  • Jessica Mills – Alto Saxophone (1993–1998)
    Reason For Leaving

The first saxophonist of Less Than Jake was Jessica Mills. She comes from the original members and made the band from 1992 to 1997. She left the team as she wanted to teach and bear a child

  • Derron Nuhfer – Tenor and Baritone Saxophone (1995–2000)
  • Pete Anna – Trombone (1998–2001)
    Reason For Leaving

Pete Anna served as trombonist of Less Than Jake from the year 1998 to 2000. She started her career with Slapstick and joined the team after Jessica Mills quit. However, after the Warped tour of 2001 and Borders & Boundaries, it comes the turn of Pete Anna to leave for a firefighter career in Chicago

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Going From a Peaceful Day to Revolution: Knife Sharp Accuracy with Edge Tremolo

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