Exodus Guitar Tab Book

Exodus- best guitar tab books for beginners

“Pleasures Of The Frets” is an Exodus Guitar Tab Book transcribed by Kragen Lum and foreward by Gary Holt. It is a godsend book for Exodus fans who can cover 12 songs of the band with accurate guitar tabs and notations. The American thrash metal band has made millions of die heart fans in their 30 years journey who crave to groove on the original guitar tabs of the major hits of Exodus. This Exodus guitar tab book is a dream come true for band enthusiasts who can now precisely learn to play the songs just like the band did – Thanks to the flawless notations by the maestro himself.


What gives the Exodus Guitar tab book the certification of reliability and accuracy is that it is produced by the live guitarist of the band, Kragen Lum, himself. Plus, “Pleasures Of The Frets” contains a forward by Gary Holt, who joined the band in 1981 and has been the most consistent member throughout the band’s multiple line up changes, break-ups, and ups and downs. He is the only guitarist who has appeared on every Exodus album, and his foreword in the Exodus guitar book is a testimony that each guitar tab is accurate.

Who Can play?

The 290 pages book contains two guitar formats that make it easy to play for beginners and professionals alike. The book contains a guitar tab and transcriptions for the 12 all-time favorite riffs and solos of Exodus, which are as follows:

  1. Scar Spangled Banner
  2. A Lesson In Violence
  3. Children Of A Worthless God
  4. The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles
  5. Fabulous Disaster
  6. Bonded By Blood
  7. Pleasures Of The Flesh
  8. Blacklist
  9. Strike Of The Beast
  10. Blood In Blood Out
  11. The Toxic Waltz
  12. War Is My Shepherd

Exodus Classic Guitar Tabs

With this fantastic collection of Exodus classic Guitar tabs, Kragen Lum returned the favor of his fans in the most stylish way possible. Another special feature of the Exodus Guitar Tab Book is that the arrangement is put out and labeled by name, from Gary to Lee to Rick, so you always know who performed what part of the song. Consequently, it helps cover guitarists reflect the artist’s personality and style in their work.

Some parts of the songs are complex to cover and become a pain in the neck for young musicians to mimic. The sequential order of notes, string selection, and the fret to be played are provided in this guitar tab book of Exodus, making the overall experience simpler and better than in the studio.

Here is the best Exodus guitar tab book available to guide you step by step on how to cover the most famous Exodus songs as well as the original.

One of the best guitar transcription books you will ever find. It’s long for this past and present thrash metal leaders to get a well-deserved reception for their services to the music industry beyond borders. The Exodus guitar anthology book sets a new bar with a challenge for upcoming tab books to follow to meet the standard.

In the absence of Gary, Kragen Lum got the opportunity to perform live at several Exodus concerts over the years. His firsthand experience as a prominent band member gave him a deep understanding of how these songs are played. Kragen Lum’s extensive understanding of musicology and tabs is coupled with this, which eliminates many of the casual inconsistencies seen in similar works. Plus, the distinction between various guitars is considerably simpler.

The Exodus guitar tab book holds many answers for thrashers around the globe. The six-string maestro dedicated his time and efforts to meticulously compiling the transcription of the dozen top hits of Exodus. Starting from the 1980’s headbangers like “Strike of the Beast” and “Bonded by Blood” to recent releases like “Blood in Blood Out,” the Exodus Guitar tab books cover the whole nine yards to summarize the journey of the thrash metal band amazingly.

Thrash band tracks are recommended for young guitarists to learn the right rhythm since these songs possess the most complicated and complex rhythms. In that regard, Exodus is a leading name with simple solos to start and progress your way to master the skill of intricate guitar tabs of the riffs.